Bollettino n. 62

Structural Concrete.

Textbook on behavior, design and performance

Second edition. Volume 5



9. Trough-life care and management of concrete structures – assessment, protection, repair and strengthening

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Brief overview of the development and history of concrete construction

9.3 Guidance, standards and sources of information for the assessment of existing concrete structures

9.4 Trough-life management of existing structures

9.5 Previous experience – In-service performance of concrete structures and remedial interventions

9.6 Conservation management – Overview of philosophy and process steps

9.7 Deterioration and damage mechanism

9.8 Gathering of information, condition survey, inspection, monitoring and associated activities

9.9 Condition survey – Testing and investigation

9.10 Structural condition assessment

9.11 Condition evaluation and decision-making

9.12 Interventions and through-life management activities and measures

9.13 Standards for the protection, repair and strengthening of concrete structures

9.14 The protection, repair and strengthening of concrete structures using the EN 1504 standards

9.15 Structural assessment and repair after a fire

9.16 Recording and reporting

9.17 Application examples

9.18 Proactive durability management – Example from practice of the protection and repair of a concrete structures

9.19 Case study – Reliability assessment of a bridge subject to chloride-induced corrosion and associated structural deterioration

9.20 Future look