Bollettino n. 61

Design examples for strut-and-tie models





1 Solving structural design problems with strut-and-tie models

2 Precast corbels fitted to columns

3 Lift shaft substructure

4 Continuous deep beam

5 Shear wall in office building

6 Deep beam with an opening

7 Anchorage block for external prestressing tendon

8 Suspended precast RC member

9 Connection between prefabricated beams

10 Clamped support of large prefabricated T-girder

11 Abutment shear wall of Viaduct 1 on Algarve Highway

12 Designing D-regions of the Enmedio stream bridge

13 D-regions of the pylons of a cable-stayed bridge

14 Design of T-connections in an offshore terminal


15 Strut-and-tie models utilizing concrete tension fields

16 Gaining experience with strut-and-tie models for the design of concrete structures