Bollettino n.57

Shear and punching shear in RC and FRC elements (Workshop 15-6 ottobre 2010, Salň – Italia)



1. A historical review of shear (G.L.Balázs)

2. Model Code 2010: Shear strength of beams and implications of the new approaches (E.C.Bentz)

3. MC2010: critical shear crack theory as a mechanical model for punching shear design and its application to code provisions (A.Muttoni & M.Fernandez Ruiz)

4. Model Code 2010: Overview of shear provisions for FRC (M.Di Prisco, G.Plizzari & L.Vandewalle)

5. Improving analytical models for shear design and evaluation of reinforced concrete structures (M.P.Collins)

6. A structured approach to the design and analysis of beams in shear (V.Sigrist & B.Hackbarth)

7. Shear in slabs and beams: should they be treated in the same way? (A.Mutoni & M.Fernandez Ruiz)

8. Residual shear bearing capacity of existing bridges (J.Walraven)

9. Development of Dutch guidelines for nonlinear finite element analyses of shear critical bridge and viaduct beams (J.Rots, B.Belletti, C.Damoni & M.Hendriks)

10. Components of shear resistance in prestressed bulb-tee girders (D.Kuchma, S.Sun, T.Nagle & K.S.Kim)

11. Thin-walled open-section P/C beams in fire: A case study (P.Bamonte, R.Felicetti, P.G.Gambarova & E.Giuriani)

12. Design of FRC beams for shear using the Variable Engagement Model (VEM) and the draft Model Code approach (S.Foster)

13. Shear strength of FRC members with little or no shear reinforcement: A new analytical model (F.Minelli & G.Plizzari)

14. Effectiveness of steel fiber as minimum shear reinforcement: Panel tests (J.Susetyo & F.Vecchio)

15. Use of steel fiber reinforcement for shear resistance in beams and slab-column connections (G.J.Parra-Montesinos. J.K.Wight, H.H.Dinh & M.-Y.Cheng)