Bollettino n.53

Structural Concrete.

Textbook on behavior, design and performance

Second edition. Volume 3



5. Design of durable concrete structures

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Overview of the service life design, construction and through-life care process

5.3 Through-life performance, whole-life cost and sustainability

5.4 Mechanisms that may cause deterioration or damage to concrete structures

5.5 Some factors influencing the durability of concrete structures

5.6 Environmental aggressivity

5.7 Recommendations made in some standards and codes practice

5.8 Overview of modeling of deterioration processes

5.9 Factorial approach to estimating service life

5.10 Service life design process and considerations

5.11 Measures to enhance resistance or avoid reinforcement corrosion

5.12 Some measures to enhance resistance or avoid other forms of deterioration

5.13 Influence of some design, execution and workmanship issues upon durability

5.14 Construction quality issues The role of the project execution specification

5.15 Improving durability Benefits of pre-construction planning and trials

5.16 Condition control Planned through-life structure management and care

5.17 Monitoring of durability and performance

5.18 Examples from practice

5.19 Future look Some potential developments influencing service life design