Bollettino n.44

Concrete structure management: Guide to ownership and good practice



1. Keywords

2. Vision behind preparation of document

3. Introduction and scope of issues

4. The owners’ requirements and obligations

5. Implications of deterioration of concrete structures

6. Case histories – dealing with deterioration and extension of asset life

7. Engineering aspects of structure management

8. Process management

9. Application examples – works for the extension of asset life

10. Standards for the protection and repair of concrete structures

11. Some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

12. Future look and developments

13. References, websites and further reading

Appendix A: List of keywords

Appendix B: Examples of deterioration and repairs

Appendix C: EN 1504 series for repair and protection of concrete

Appendix D: Standards for protection and repair of concrete

Appendix E: Risk assessment and management

Appendix F: Benefits of pre-construction planning

Appendix G: Project specifications – an owner’s tool