Bollettino n. 35

Retrofitting of concrete structures by externally bonded FRPs with emphasis on seismic applications



1. General concepts and design aspects Materials and techniques

2. Detailing, technological aspects and durability

3. Strengthening of RC beams with FRPs

4. Modelling aspects and design issues for anchorages, shear strengthening and confinement

5. FRP retrofitting of reinforced concrete two-way slabs

6. Overview of seismic strengthening strategies for concrete structures

7. FRP strengthening of RC columns (shear, confinement and lap splices)

8. Seismic retrofitting of RC beam-column joints using FRP

9. Analysis of infilled reinforced concrete frames strengthened with FRPs

10. Design rules for seismic retrofitting with FRPs according to Eurocode 8 and their background